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Strata Management Services in Sydney Eastern Suburbs

We are often asked what makes Progressive Strata Services different.  The key is that we are always looking for new and innovative ways that we can provide strata management services to body corporates in the Eastern Suburbs.  We provide:

Newsletters:   These are produced quarterly and sent to owners with their levy notice.  They can also be viewed subsequently on our website.  They cover changes to legislation that affect owners, recent court decisions, and ways to minimize their levies via cost saving suggestions they may wish to implement.

The Executive are kept informed of payments made on behalf of the scheme and work orders we have issued:  we forward via email, a monthly report as to income, expenses paid, and the balances in the admin and sinking fund.  Further, work orders are uploaded daily to a secure website where the Executive Committee can view them.

Easy to access on-line information:  each owner can view their lot statement – and print it out if they need to – eg at tax time.  They can also view the Owners Corporation's current financial statement (and if you have been with us more than a year, you can see prior years information also) using the password we provide.

Certified AccountantWe take the management of your Owners Corporation’s trust funds very seriously and therefore we have a certified accountant who prepares the annual accounts, 6 monthly report, and is involved in the invoice payment process.  This means your strata scheme’s financials are accurate and helps ensure that your money is properly accounted for.  Most agents do not employ qualified people to oversee their  body corporate finances to this level.

We do not rest on our laurels but continually look for ways to protect our strata owners interests whilst trying to make the management of the scheme easier for  our Eastern Suburbs clients who lead busy lives.

Please contact us today regarding a proposal for your scheme.

Looking For A Strata Manager?

If you are looking for a Strata Management Company with a different approach, then Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice. With a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, you can be assured of personal, cost-effective service from people who care.