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Strata Management in Hurstville

Progressive Strata Services (PSS) provides strata management services in Hurstville and are very conscious that Executive Committees should be kept informed of the financial status of their scheme. We do this by providing a monthly report relating to income, expenses paid and administration and sinking fund balances. A copy of the schemes, bank statement completes this report.

As part of our strata management services we review our client bank balances every 6 months (July and January) and invest suitable amounts from the chequing account to obtain a better return on funds. This way the bank is contributing to their savings which means less money that has to come from the owners themselves.

If you are a resident of Hurstville and have a strata property and want quality, transparency and astute strata management in Hurstville, then look no further than PSS.

By choosing our strata management services in Hurstville, all your property management related problems will be solved. The strata management services PSS offer; include day to day strata operation with full property management. We work on all sorts of properties like jointly owned, those properties having multiple units, common facilities and common areas.

Choose PSS as your Strata Building Management in Hurstville

It has always been our objective to provide relevant, cost-efficient and innovative services for a reasonable fee. We believe that no other Hurstville based strata management company provides the same extensive and tailored range of services as PSS.

Looking For A Strata Manager?

If you are looking for a Strata Management Company with a different approach, then Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice. With a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, you can be assured of personal, cost-effective service from people who care.