Passion and Experience

Strata Management Services in Redfern

At Progressive Strata Services environmental sustainability is one thing we are passional about. We note that strata schemes in Redfern re keen to pursue this area of genuine savings coupled with the resultant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and compliance with corporate and social responsibility. We believe that strata managers in Redfern need to consider this when advising their Owners Corporations regarding capital expenditure.

We have seen one Owners Corporation of 80 lots we have been working with significantly reduce water usage (by approx 40%) along with savings of almost 1/3rd on electirity costs through sustainable living opportunities.

We are currently working with Zero Energy Developments with a view to installing solar panels that not only track the sun, but also have a patented means of storing the energy produced, which is 100% environmentally friendly. We believe that the Owners Corporations one finds in strata managements in Redfern are keen to take up the opportunity to store electirity by means other than batteries. As solar energy is created when people are at work, then when they return in the evening the power they use is still provided by the energy companies, at peak rates. By storing the energy created during the day the Strata Scheme will be able to avoid buying power at the most costly time of the day, whilst being environmentally friendly in its storage method.

With a focus on sustainability coupled with our unique approach to strata management in Redfern you can be assured that your Owners Corporation in will receive excellent strata services.

Looking For A Strata Manager?

If you are looking for a Strata Management Company with a different approach, then Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice. With a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, you can be assured of personal, cost-effective service from people who care.