Progressive Strata Services

What are the procedures to elect the executive committee?

A. The executive committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting and the system for the election is relatively simple but must be followed otherwise it is subject to challenge. The process for Strata schemes with more than 2 lots is:

  1. The chair person announced that all positions are declared vacant and asks for nominations.
  2. The secretary provides to the chairperson all written nomination, which are verified by the chairperson and announced to the meeting.
  3. Nominations are accepted from the meeting (verbally).
  4. After all nominations are in, the chairperson declares that the nominations are closed.
  5. The chairperson then requests a motion for the number of members to be elected. This must be a number from 1 to 9 (it is suggested that the number be an odd number so as to avoid tied votes).
  6. For each number suggested it must be voted upon (by majority vote unless a poll vote is called). When a number is determined by the owners corporation it becomes the number of members for the ensuing year.
  7. If the number determined is the same on the number nominated than everyone is elected ´┐Żunopposed´┐Ż.

7.1 If the number determined is greater than the nominations those nominated are elected and there exists a vacancy/vacancies. In these instances it is practical to attempt to obtain a further nomination to fill the vacancy.

7.2 If the number determined is less than the number of nominations then a ballot must be held (see ballot).