Progressive Strata Services

Who is eligible for election to the executive committee?

A. In many instances there is confusion over who can be eligible for election. The problem is not so much on who can be nominated and elected but who cannot nominate someone else. In brief only owners, company nominees and co-owners (in some circumstances) can nominate people for election.

A person is eligible if they are:

  1. An individual who is an owner (a single person);
  2. a company nominee of a corporation who is an owner; or
  3. an individual who is not an owner but is nominated by an owner who is not a candidate for election.
    Those that cannot nominate others are:
  4. A proxy, because their entitlement is to vote only;
  5. a co-owner cannot nominate their other co-owner if they are already a nomination;
  6. a person who is not an owner but is in attendance in another capacity; or
  7. a strata managing agent.