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Strata Levies – How to Reduce Them

Published: Tuesday 9 March 2021

Who does not want to pay fewer Strata Levies?  You do have a voice and a vote; here is how.

A meeting of the Owners Corporation (ie, all owners) decides the strata levies that must be paid by each owner. 

When strata levies are voted on

Quarterly strata levies are usually decided at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and special levies are often (but not always) raised at extra owner meetings (called Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.)  Both are meetings that all owners receive an agenda (invitation) to attend.

Have a say on how much you should pay in strata levies

If you want to have a say about the amount you pay in strata levies, you need to attend meetings where the levies are set, or at the very least, you need to send a representative, with your proxy form.

Whilst not all owners attend and vote at the Annual General meeting, those that do attend and are entitled to vote, will make the decision for everyone.  Note that some people in attendance may be holding proxies for multiple owners.  

So, our advice if you’re keen to lower your strata fees (or reduce the quarterly increase) is:  review the meeting’s agenda, ask questions at the meeting and vote.