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Looking For Strata Management Services Sydney?

If you are looking for a Strata Manager, Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice. With a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, you can be assured of personal, cost effective service, from people who care.

What makes us unique?

We believe that we offer a range of services that are NOT all provided by ANY OTHER ONE agency - to help you in the administration and management of your scheme.

Many of these are forms of information that we make available to the Executive Committee, so you know what we have been doing for your scheme.


Looking For a good Strata Management Company?

If you are looking for a Strata Management Company with a different approach then Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice. With a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, you can be assured of personal, cost-effective service from people who care.

We are based in Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, with clients in the Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs area, as well as the Southern Suburbs and Lower North Shore.

What makes us unique?

We believe we offer a truly unique range of tailored services that are NOT all provided by other agencies - to help you in the administration and management of your scheme.

Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd provide many forms of information, so as to ensure transparency at various levels throughout the year. This means that your committee will always be in a position to know what we have been doing for your scheme. No scheme has ever said "we don't know what you do for your management fee", as the committees are sent details at regular intervals as follows:


Liaison Mail:
This is generally provided to the Secretary, though it can be another nominated person. The following is posted out fortnightly:

  • Copies of work orders (to the contractor) we have issued on the scheme's behalf
  • Copies of any letters we have been asked to write
  • Copies of the cheques we have received from your insurance company
  • Copies of quotes we have received, as a result of the work orders we issued
  • Letters we have received on behalf of the scheme
  • A copy of the insurance renewal notice (if you want to make some changes before it is paid, there is an opportunity for the Executive to issue us with instructions at this time)


So you will know/have everything we do in relation to your property, this information is posted out fortnightly and is INCLUDED in the management fee (apart from the postage and copying costs). If we require an instruction from you � e.g. to accept a quote, a "With Compliments" slip will be attached, requesting that you advise us what you want us to do regarding that item of correspondence.

Note: We are currently investigating providing all this via a secure webpage making it accessible to all committee members (via the online access on our website).

Building Status Report:
We also provide regular reports to the Treasurer. Apart from the usual all agents must provide under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act (i.e. every 6 months), we also provide a monthly report which contains the following information:

  • Payments made on behalf of the scheme (with a brief description)
  • Money received and banked i.e. all forms of income
  • Changes to the strata roll, e.g. details of a new owner who settled during the month
  • A summary of your bank accounts i.e. the administration and sinking funds, as well as any investments
  • A copy of your bank statement, with the closing balance for the month

A sample of this is provided when we send our proposal.

This report is emailed out once a month to the treasurer, with a hard copy going to the Secretary in their fortnightly mail out. This is INCLUDED in our management fee.

Note: From June 2012 these are also posted on the secure website for all committee members should they choose to view via the on-line access.

Online access:
We provide every owner with access to our online services. This service is password protected and allows them to log on at any time to view:


  • Their address for service and unit entitlement
  • Levy report showing levies struck and paid and the outstanding balance if there is one
  • Financial statement for the scheme (past year and current)
  • The scheme's insurance information

This service is included in our management fee. This means you don't need us to prepare a financial statement which would cost significantly more because it would require our time in preparation and mailing. You save by accessing this yourself when it suits you, so there is complete transparency at all times!

Future additions: We will soon make further information available via this website-password system. From 2012 we will place copies of the AGM agenda and minutes on the web, which will stay there for 2 years. Copies of consultant reports relating to each scheme and other such relevant information also began being posted from June 2012.

Emailing of levy and meeting notices: Since the beginning of 2012, those clients who already have a bylaw in place have already started receiving their agendas and minutes via email. We are currently working to set up the emailing of levy notices. Legislation still requires owners to have an Australian Address for Service of Notices on the Strata Roll, but the above will provide greater flexibility for our owners to deal with their affairs.

Invest your funds: We review your bank balances every 6 months (July and January) and invest suitable amounts from your chequing account to obtain a better return from your money. This way the bank is contributing to your savings. Such investments are via either Macquarie or Commonwealth Banks, whichever is offering the better terms at the time. These are then rolled over to suite for subsequent periods, until the money is needed to pay for a specific project.

Newsletters: We regularly send newsletters to our committee members to keep them abreast of changes to legislation, court decisions or ways to save their scheme money. Past issues are maintained on our website for later reference. You will find this tab on our home page.

Recover levies in arrears and the associated legal costs: S80 (1) of the Strata Schemes Management Act makes this possible for us to take this action on your behalf. Our policy is published on our website (see Accounting). We run a report fortnightly to ensure all arrears are properly managed/recovered. We believe this to be fair to all owners and it ensures cash flow. The costs for our work and the legal fees incurred are recovered from the person we take action against, as permitted under the Act.

Sustainable Living: We have prepared Newsletters to help our owners and schemes with ways to save money whilst helping the environment. Go to our home page followed by the "Newsletters" tab of this website. We are very pleased to be working with one of only 5 schemes chosen by Sydney City Council to trial and audit the use of sustainable systems as well as the scheme's ability to save money. A one-on-one forum we ran in 2012 provided our committees with the opportunity for their success to be passed on to those who attended.

Approval of invoices over $1,500: We forward invoices from tradesmen (not cleaners, utilities, lawyers and consultants) to someone on the Executive requesting approval before payment is processed. Consultants and solicitors invoices are copied and provided for your information. Should there be any issues, an adjustment can be made on the following month's account as usually their work is ongoing.

Log repairs online: You can log a repair or an Executive member can approve a quote or invoice via the relevant pages of our website.

Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance: This is a requirement as we use the agency agreement prepared by Strata Community Australia (NSW).

We do not have voicemail:A person answers the phone during the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Even with our after hour emergency service there is a person who takes your call.

You will benefit from our extensive experience with large projects: including dealing with the associated professionals e.g. Engineers (we have been involved with more than one project that cost in excess of $1 million). Various clients have worked through fire orders from Council including one block of over 200 units. We specialize in working with consultants in setting up building works to ensure the best possible financial outcome, managing issues and risks for each scheme, as each project requires.

Meetings: Can be held at your building, in our meeting rooms, or another suitable venue to suit.

Copy of insurance renewal: A copy of the insurance renewal is provided before it is paid, and whilst current sums insured are reviewed at the AGM, the Executive may choose to minute other changes before payment of the tax invoice.

Enforcement of bylaws: We provide advice with regard to enforcement of bylaws and notify the Executive Committee when a lawyer should be engaged i.e. if the breach warrants such involvement. We can also attend mediation at the Office of Fair Trading or instruct your lawyers when attending the CTTT for enforcement. We require guidelines as to the proposed outcome and a member to be available via phone to discuss any necessary instructions that may become necessary during our attendance at these forums.

We believe that these services keep owners and, very importantly, the Executive Committee, well informed of what we are doing for your scheme.  This is part of what makes Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd unique.  Our experienced staff is another BIG difference.

We look forward to talking to you about the needs of your building and its management.

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