Are you looking for Professional Sydney Strata Management Services?

If you are looking for a boutique Strata Management company who is responsive and follows things through to conclusion, then Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice.  We are a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, so you can be assured of a personal, cost-effective service by people who care.

What makes us unique among Sydney strata managers?

We always follow up on any issue, so you do not have to worry or chase us to do our job. We will always keep you up to date on our progress throughout. Your executive committee will be informed on everything we are doing for your scheme – including being copied into emails. 

We believe that we offer a unique range of services that help you in the administration and management of your Sydney strata scheme.  

See the difference that decades of experience make. We have helped our clients through all manner of projects and personality issues. Isn’t it the time you started to receive the services you are already paying for? Call us today on (02) 9389 9599 to get our proposal.

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Is it time for your owner’s corporation to change to a better Sydney strata management company?

If you have been seeking a strata management company with a different approach, that has years of experience, then look no further than Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd. 

We are based on Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, with clients in the Sydney CBD, the Eastern Suburbs, as well as Sydney’s Southern Suburbs and on the Lower North Shore.

We believe that the following services keep owners and most importantly, the strata committee, well informed of what we are doing every step of the way. This is part of what makes Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd unique. Our very experienced and helpful team is another BIG difference.

Start to see the difference now and call us to discuss your strata plans needs and requirements on (02) 9389 9599.

We are keen to discuss how we can assist you with any current challenges and the schemes future management needs.

Outside office hours, you can request a quote, by completing this quick online form and we will give you a call back. Simply click our Fee proposal form request.

The following is our standard service offering.  We can tailor this to suit if necessary.

Information Transparency: We provide multiple forms of information to ensure complete transparency for your scheme. Your committee will always know what we are working on and we pride ourselves on the fact that no client has ever said: “we don’t know what you do for your management fee.”

Correspondence: Two members of the strata committee are always copied in on all the emails. Does this automatically occur with your current agent? How do you know they have acted on the committee’s instruction?

Building Status Report: We provide regular reports to the Treasurer. Apart from the usual information all agents must provide under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act (ie, every 6 months), we also provide a monthly report which contains the following information:

  1. Payments made on behalf of the scheme (with a brief description)
  2. Money received and banked, e.g. levies, insurance claims, and interest
  3. Changes to the strata roll, e.g. details of a new owner who settled their purchase during the month
  4. A summary of your bank accounts, ie, the administration and capital works funds, as well as any investments
  5. A copy of your bank statement, with the closing balance for the month

A sample of this will be provided when we send you our proposal.

Via our strata management portal, the committee can view each invoice. The monthly report is emailed out once a month to the treasurer and one other committee member for review. We upload it on the portal for the other committee members to view. These remain available for 15 months online.

Invoices: All paid invoices can be viewed via the portal at any time by any committee member. If you wish to view some in detail, you can do so without making a request to us as we are completely transparent. 

Online access: We provide every owner with access to our online services. This service is password-protected and allows owners to log on at any time to view:

  1. Their address for service and unit entitlement
  2. Levy report showing levies struck and paid, and the outstanding balance if there is one
  3. Financial statement for the scheme for the past year and the current one
  4. The scheme’s insurance information
  5. Any reports that the committee would like owners to view 
  6. The cash payments report for the financial year (available before the AGM is held), this details every payment made in the past 12 months

Invested funds: We review your bank balances every 6 months (July and January) and invest suitable amounts from your chequing account to obtain a better return on your money. This way the bank is contributing to your savings. 

Such investments are made via either Macquarie or Commonwealth Banks depending on who is offering the better terms at the time. These are then rolled over after liaising with the committee until the money is needed to pay for a specific project.

Newsletters: We regularly send newsletters to all owners to keep them abreast of changes to legislation, court decisions or ways to save their strata scheme money. Past issues are housed on our website for reference at any time. You will find the link on our home page.

Recover levies in arrears and the associated legal costs: The Strata Schemes Management Act makes this possible for us to take action on the scheme’s behalf. We run a report fortnightly to ensure all arrears are properly managed/recovered.  We believe this is fair for all owners and ensures cash flow levels are maintained. The costs for our work and the legal fees incurred are recovered from the person in arrears, as permitted under the Act. In every case, all these fees have been recovered over our 21 years in business.

Approval of strata invoices over $1,500: We forward invoices from tradesmen to the relevant person on the Strata Committee requesting approval before payment is processed.  

Log repairs online: You can log a repair (or a committee member can approve a quote or invoice) via the relevant pages of our website. 

Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance: We hold $5 million in professional indemnity. Such insurance is a requirement by NSW Fair Trading.

We do not have voicemail: A person answers the phone during the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. After hours emergencies are handled by our hand-picked team. The link to this is listed on our home page under “After Hours Emergency Contractors.”  

You will benefit from our extensive experience with large projects: This includes dealing with the associated professionals (e.g. engineers). Pro Strata have experience in dealing with projects valued in excess of $1 million. We support clients when they have had to work through fire orders from Council; including one scheme which consisted of more than 200 units. 

We specialise in working with consultants to set up building works to ensure the best possible financial outcome is achieved, whilst striving to utilise sustainable solutions. We also manage issues and risks for each owners corporation as their respective projects require. 

Meetings: These can be held at your building or in our offices in person or, via Zoom teleconferences. During the COVID outbreak, we found overseas and interstate owners were able to participate via electronic means, which meant attendance improved.

Copy of insurance renewal: A copy of the strata scheme insurance renewal is provided before it is paid, and whilst current sums insured are reviewed at the AGM, the Strata Committee may make other changes before payment of the tax invoice. Any commission is disclosed with a letter to the secretary and posted on the portal and is made available to all owners at the AGM. 

Enforcement of bylaws: We provide advice with regard to enforcement of bylaws and notify the Strata Committee when a lawyer should be engaged, ie, if the breach warrants such involvement. We can also attend mediation at Fair Trading or instruct lawyers when attending the tribunal for enforcement. We require written guidelines as to the desired outcome and a committee member to be available via phone to discuss any necessary instructions during our attendance on your behalf.

We are always keen to improve our service, or adapt to a client’s needs, so if you have a suggestion, we would be pleased to discuss it. 

Give us a call now to discuss how your scheme’s management can be done better. Simply call us on 02 9389 9599 and advise that you are enquiring about a proposal for new business.

Outside office hours, you can request a quote, by completing this quick online form and we will give you a call back. Simply click our Fee proposal form request.