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Sydney Strata Management Services

If you are looking for a Strata Manager, Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is your ideal choice. We are a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals, and as our clients testify, you can be assured of personal, cost-effective service, from people who care.

Why do we believe we are different?

Rather than our statements, we will let out clients speak for us.

Rob Woods

I recommend Progressive Strata to friends looking to have their strata run in a professional and compliant manner. Karina is an intelligent domain expert in her field, is friendly and ethical. She ensures her business is run in this fashion. I could not endorse her any higher for how she turned around our strata.

Michelle Brooker

Attention to detail and responsiveness which is very important to us. Friendly and professional communication.

Zane Kamat

Progressive Strata have improved the liveability in our building immeasurably since we have been lucky enough to have them as our strata agent. Karina knows and understands strata law like the back of her hand, she and the team leave no stone unturned when helping us with sometimes complex issues, always clear and concise with communication.

Cameron Warn

Progressive Strata is a great improvement to the management of our building. They are more reliable, proactive, and have better communication than our previous agency. Their service provides piece of mind that issues will be looked after in a timely manner that we did not have before.

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Isn’t it time your scheme experienced the Progressive Strata Services difference?

Is your owners’ corporation looking to change your Strata Management Company?

If your strata scheme is looking for a new Strata Management Company with a unique approach, then look no further - Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd is it.

We are based in Edgecliff near Rushcutters Bay Park, about 10 minutes from the CBD, with clients in Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs, as well as the Southern Suburbs and Lower North Shore.

What makes us unique?

Our Philosophy

We always look to provide information which enables our clients to make the best decision to suit their needs.

We provide relevant information that is based on:

  • Legislation
  • Court cases
  • Advice based on experience
  • Looking after you finances – both short and long term

We believe we offer a unique range of tailored services that are NOT provided by other agencies. The focus of our services is to help you in the administration and management of your scheme.

We always strive to be transparent in the way we communicate, so that your committee will always be in a position of knowing what we have been doing on your behalf.

No scheme has ever said "we don't know what you do for your management fee", as we keep our committees aware of our actions on your scheme’s behalf at each critical point.


We become part of your team, and we do this by:

  • Actively follow up quote and other requests to ensure matters are concluded as quickly as possible
  • Copies of work orders (to the contractor) we have issued on the scheme's behalf are uploaded each day to the scheme’s portal page, where the committee can view them
  • Copy in committee reps in all emails we write on your behalf, so we are fully transparent
  • We provide a monthly status report, which shows:
    • A summary of invoices paid; funds received (e.g., insurance claims paid out)
    • Changes to the strata roll, e.g., details of a new owner who settled during the month
    • A summary of your bank accounts i.e., the administration and capital works funds, as well as any investments
    • A copy of your bank statement, with the closing balance for the month
    • Copies of quotes we have received, which are collated and sent for review and instructions

We provide a copy of the insurance renewal notice (in case you want to make some changes before it is paid, there is an opportunity for the Strata Committee to issue us with instructions at this time).

This is ALL INCLUDED in the management fee (with some disbursement costs).


We also provide regular reports to the Treasurer. As well as the usual reports all agents must provide under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act (i.e., every 6 months)

Levy Payment Options:

We are always looking at ways to make payments easier. We offer:


Pay by phone from your credit or charge card. Call 1300 552 311 or 613 8648 0158 for international clients.

Have your card details and your Reference Number as shown on your Levy Notice. A surcharge for credit card payments does apply.


Visit to make a secure credit card payments over the internet.

Direct Debit

Make auto payments directly from your nominated bank account or credit card. Go to

 to register or phone 1300 552 311. Have your Strata Pay Reference Number located on your Levy Notice.


Pay by BPAY – Our BPay code will be provided on your levy notice. Contact your participating financial institution to make a BPAY payment directly from your cheque or savings account. Enter your DEFT reference number as shown on your Levy Notice.

In Person

Pay in person
By cash, cheque, or EFTPOS at any Australia Post Office, using your Levy Notice.

By Post

Pay by post
Detach the payment slip on your Levy Notice and send it with your cheque payable to “Stratamax with your reference shown on your Levy Notice” to StrataPay, Locked Bag 9 GCMC, Bundall Qld 9726 Australia.

Online access:

We provide every owner with access to our online services. This is password protected and allows owners to log on at any time to view:

  • Their address for service and unit entitlement
  • Levy report showing levies struck and paid and the outstanding balance if there is one
  • Financial statement for the scheme (past year and current) with budget comparison
  • The scheme's insurance information
  • Cash reports relating to AGM financials showing every payment for the financial year.

The strata committee members can also access:

  • Work orders
  • Previous monthly status reports
  • Copies of paid invoices

These services are also included in our management fee, with some disbursement costs. This means you do not need keep contacting us to provide the above information, you can access this at a time that suits you.

Additional services:

Email of levy and meeting notices: We were one of the first strata management companies to offer this option back in 2012.

Investing your funds: We review your bank balances every 6 months (July and January) and invest suitable amounts from your chequing account to obtain a better return on your money. This way the bank is contributing to your savings. Such investments are placed with Macquarie Bank. These are then rolled over until the money is needed to pay for a specific project.

Newsletters: We regularly send newsletters to all owners to keep them abreast of changes to legislation, court decisions or ways to save their scheme money. Past issues are maintained on our website for later reference. You will find this tab on our home page.

Recover levies in arrears and the associated legal costs: S80 (1) of the Strata Schemes Management Act makes this possible for us to take this action on your scheme’s behalf. Our policy is published on our website (see Accounting). We run a report fortnightly to ensure all arrears are properly managed/recovered.

We believe this to be fair to all owners and it ensures cash flow. The costs for our work and the legal fees incurred are recovered from the person we act against, as permitted under the Act.

Approval of invoices over $1,500: We forward invoices from tradesmen (not cleaners, utilities, lawyers, and consultants) to the treasurer requesting approval before payment is processed.

Log repairs online: You can log a repair, or a Strata Committee member can approve a quote or invoice via the relevant pages of our website.

Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance: This is a requirement by NSW fair Trading for all strata managers.

We do not have voicemail:A person WILL answers the phone during the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

You will benefit from our extensive experience with large projects: Including dealing with the associated professionals e.g., Engineers (we have been involved with more than one project that cost in excess of $1 million). Various clients have worked through fire orders by Councils including one strata scheme of over 200 units.

We specialize in working with consultants in setting up building works to ensure the best possible financial outcome, managing issues and risks for each scheme, as each project requires.

Meetings: These can be held via zoom or, in our meeting rooms, or another suitable venue.

Copy of insurance renewal: A copy of the insurance renewal is provided before it is paid, and whilst current sums insured are reviewed at the AGM, the Strata Committee may choose to minute other changes before payment of the tax invoice.

Enforcement of bylaws: We provide advice regarding enforcement of bylaws and notify the Committee when a lawyer should be engaged i.e., if the breach warrants such involvement. We can also attend mediation at the Office of Fair Trading or instruct your lawyers when attending NCAT for enforcement.

We require guidelines as to the proposed outcome and that a member to be available via phone to discuss any necessary instructions that may become necessary during our attendance at these forums.

We believe that these services and our approach keep owners and, very importantly, the Strata Committee, well informed of what we are doing for your scheme.  This is part of what makes Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd unique.  Our friendly and experienced staff is another SUBSTANTIAL difference.

We look forward to talking to you about the management of your scheme and how we can help your group of owners resolve the current challenges you are facing.

Arrange a free no-obligation quote to have Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd as your Strata Manager by completing our simple-to-use online Quotation form!