Progressive Strata Services


G Petherbridge SP60648

Our building was completed in 1999 and we changed Strata Managers after the first 12 months as we were unhappy with the performance of the previous firm.

I find Karina straight forward and easy to communicate with; problems are attended to quickly and efficiently. Levy notices are sent out prior to the due date and the system for overdue levies is carried out in a businesslike manner.

Karina has contacts with specialists in Engineering and the Building trade, and was instrumental in obtaining the services of a competent Engineer to prepare a very thorough report on ALL our building defects etc

D Wentzel, SP69783

"Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency, Consistency - Nothing Less"

R Weinstock

As I leave SP21026 I would like to thank you for your total professionalism displayed in every dealing we have had as some of the issues have been difficult. I will miss your good humour, patience, integrity and knowledge and the punctuality with which things were dealt.

R Taylor SP12492

Progressive Strata Services were contracted to become the Managing Agent for Strata Plan 12492 on the 21st September 1999. When they started with our building they inherited a building with many problems. We had major building repairs to be done such as replacement of windows on the southern and eastern walls of the building, water penetration via the roof, the walls of the building and brickwork that needed cement rendering due to the age of the building (1929) and water penetration. We also had to remove concrete cancer.

These works were completed over a period of 24 months to the highest standard and with little disruption to the residents of the building. The Owners Corporation have always found that Progressive Strata are professional, reliable, honest and always willing to advise the Owners Corporation of the latest changes in strata laws and supply detailed accounts and reports to the Executive Committee.

Progressive Strata Services are always efficient when maintenance has needed to be done. A telephone call or fax to their office and you know the job will be completed. We have also begun re-wiring or building, a huge job for our building of 21 units. Even though it has been a difficult exercise they have ensured that it has been managed to the highest and most professional standard which the Owners Corporation have come to expect.

Y Troy SP468

Karina really knows her stuff. She is up to the mark on legal requirements of Strata Management and other Governing Bodies. Her advice will always caution against actions that may breach regulations and recommends a direction that will not threaten the future of the Corporation.