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Are you looking for an experienced strata management company in Bondi? 

Progressive Strata is located only a 10 minute drive away in Edgecliff, and is a highly experienced team of Sydney strata professionals with decades of industry experience. Regardless of the size of the property, our helpful experienced strata management Bondi services will ensure that your building is maintained to the highest standards.

We service the Eastern Suburbs, including Bondi with expert professional advice and solutions. The distinctive qualities of this coastal suburb gives rise to unique challenges in the area of building maintenance that are not applicable to many other areas in Sydney. As such, we offer specialist knowledge and experience in the area of strata management services Bondi.


Progressive Strata Is The Sydney Strata Manager Bondi Locals Trust

Our strata management services in Bondi specialise in smaller properties in beachside suburbs. Our professional managers have years of experience, which ensures that all of your needs are met to the highest possible standards. Our bespoke services are highly regarded by Bondi’s body corporates, property owners, and developers, establishing us as an Australian leader in the strata management industry.

At Progressive Strata Services Pty Ltd, honesty, transparency and advice based on the law are our core values. This is reflected throughout all aspects of our service. We pride ourselves on providing the relevant details to ensure our committees are always informed about any updates. This includes holding ourselves accountable by providing records via our online portal - including copies of your invoices and up to date financials.   

In addition to standard reports which we are mandated to provide under both the Property, Stock, and Business Agents Act and the Strata Schemes Management Act, we also provide a comprehensive Building Status Report on a monthly basis. These reports include information, such as payments made on behalf of the scheme, changes to the strata roll, a copy of your bank statement, and more.

Furthermore, all owners are encouraged to sign up to our secure online services. This enables you to effortlessly view various reports specific to your scheme via a portal using your own unique password. All of this is readily available for you to browse at your own prerogative at any time of day or night.


Our Comprehensive List Of Strata Management Services

Our strata management of Bondi properties includes an extensive selection of services to cover all of your legal requirements and committee’s needs. 

  • Home Owners Warranty: We protect our Owners Corporations by issuing NSW Fair Trading contracts to tradesmen for any residential building work, as required under the Building Code of Australia. We take this a step further by checking their licences, and obtaining copies of their insurances, such as public liability.


  • Accounting: All accounting services that are required by law are provided by our in-house team to ensure that the fiscal aspects of your scheme are maintained.


  • Insurance: We lodge claims in accordance with the Act, the scheme’s policy and as required, the Executive Committee's instructions.


  • Secretarial: General administrative tasks of promptly responding to emails, preparing agendas and minutes, and handling of matters pertaining to bylaws.


  • Meetings: Prepare and distribute notices of Annual General Meetings. Chair the meeting in accordance with the legal requirements, and take down the decisions of the owners. Prepare and distribute minutes as required by law.


  • Emergency Services: One of our unique services is the provision of an after hours emergency service - so if our office is closed, we ensure that you are still looked after for those unexpected emergency repair problems.


  • Reporting: A monthly report is sent directly to two of the Executive Committee, detailing cash receipts and payments, and also a copy of the bank statement for that month. It is also posted on the portal for any other committee members to view.


  • Work Orders: These are posted on the portal so the committee members can see what instructions have been issued to the contractor. This allows you to check we have followed instructions, actioning the same day (or immediately in an emergency) as required.


  • Arrears Recovery: Whilst we are happy to make payment plans for those who can’t pay a levy on time, we also are able to implement a reliable process pertaining to the recovery of levy arrears. This has never produced an unsuccessful court case. See our full Arrears Recovery Process for details on the timing of notices we issue and when legal action is taken.


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  1. How do I choose the most suitable strata company for my Bondi or Sydney property?

There are a considerable number of factors to contemplate when determining the best strata firm for your Bondi property. Many aspects are a personal choice, others seem obvious, but we advise not to assume. We have written a 2 part blog to help you consolidate your ideas on what you need and other considerations that are also important.

We would be delighted to meet with you for a discussion. Please feel free to contact our office to arrange a convenient time.


  1. Am I required to have a strata manager? Can my building in Bondi function without a formal strata management structure?

Whilst houses do not need to meet strata legislation requirements, two lot schemes, such as detached townhouses, may see assuring benefits to having a formal strata management structure. For two lot schemes that get along, we can provide accounts only services, however, for very small schemes or multi-unit properties, a hands-on strata manager is much more effective and can be invaluable in minimising issues and disputes.

Strata schemes with significant common areas that include shared facilities, like lifts, gardens, pools, pumps, etc. are best served where there is a management structure via a qualified strata manager. This ensures that these are well looked after for the long term. If your building in Bondi falls under this category with various communal areas and such shared facilities, it is highly likely to fall under the Strata Schemes Management Act.


  1. How do we communicate with Sydney Strata property owners and Strata Committees?

As a leader in the industry, with the licensee having well over 30 years experience, including in NCAT appointed compulsory managements, we always strive to be transparent in our communication. We do this by ensuring our committees always know what we have been doing on their scheme’s behalf. 

We provide a variety of information which enables our Bondi clients to make the best decisions to suit their particular scheme's needs. This includes details of any relevant legislation, and our experience over many years so our property owners can make wise decisions that not only solve the short term issue, but have the longer term, cost effective benefits front of mind also.


  1. What are the average strata fees in Bondi?

Strata levies in Bondi vary greatly and are based on a number of factors, such as the size of the unit, the amenities offered, and the overall condition of the building. Additionally, Strata fees change over time.  At Progressive Strata Services, each year, owners review the financial needs of the scheme and decide what the quarterly levies will be for the year ahead.  

We would be happy to review your scheme’s financials, and provide advice around your Bondi property fiscal management. Please contact us today for a free quote. 

This topic is not relevant to us - a strata report is not what we provide. If you want to cover reports then the question needs to be different - but if you are trying to pick up on strata reports - this is a search before a person buys into strata - we don’t do this - it is a different part of the industry.