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Are you looking for an experienced Sydney strata management company for your Dover Heights property? Strata management is a complex and ever-changing field, but it's essential for keeping your building running smoothly and effectively. Our team of experienced strata managers can help you with everything from budgeting and insurance, to accounting and dispute resolution.

Progressive Strata is based in Edgecliff, and is a highly experienced team of Sydney strata managers and sydney strata specialists with decades of industry experience. Regardless of the size of the property, our experience in strata management Dover Heights services will ensure that your building is maintained to the highest quality. 

Our Eastern suburbs strata services including Dover Heights come with expert professional advice and strata solutions. The distinctive qualities of the stunning waterside suburb gives rise to specific challenges in the area of building maintenance that are not applicable to many other areas in Sydney. As such, we offer specialist knowledge and experience in the area of strata management Dover Heights services.


Our Trusted Eastern Suburbs Strata Services

Our comprehensive strata management Dover Heights services in Sydney encompass a wide array of offerings to address all your strata and legal requirements, as well as the needs of your committee.

  • Home Owners Warranty: We safeguard our Owners Corporations by issuing NSW Fair Trading contracts to tradesmen for residential building work, complying with the Building Code of Australia. We go a step further by verifying their licences and obtaining copies of their insurance, including public liability coverage.


  • Accounting: Our in-house team provides all legally required accounting services to ensure the sound financial management of your scheme.


  • Meetings: We prepare and distribute notices for Annual General Meetings, chair meetings in compliance with legal requirements, record owners' decisions, and distribute minutes as mandated by law.


  • Secretarial Assistance: We handle general administrative tasks promptly, including email responses, agenda and minutes preparation, and matters related to bylaws.


  • Insurance: We process claims in accordance with the Act, your scheme's policy, and any instructions from the Executive Committee.


  • Arrears Recovery Processes: While we accommodate payment plans for those unable to pay levies on time, we also have a reliable process for recovering levy arrears, which has a successful track record in court cases. Refer to our full Arrears Recovery Process for details on the timing of notices, and when legal action is pursued.


  • Emergency Services: We offer a unique after-hours emergency service, ensuring that you receive assistance even when our office is closed, especially for unexpected emergency repair issues.


  • Reporting: A monthly report, detailing cash receipts, payments, and a copy of the bank statement for the month, is sent directly to two members of the Executive Committee. It is also accessible on the portal for other committee members to review.


  • Work Orders: We post work orders on the portal so committee members can see instructions issued to contractors. This allows for easy verification that we have followed instructions, with immediate action taken when required, especially in emergencies.


Sydney Strata Management Services Sydney Residents Can Rely On 

Our specialised strata management services in the coastal Dover Heights, Sydney, cater primarily to smaller properties located near the waterfront. With our team of experienced professionals, we are committed to meeting all your needs to the highest standards possible. Our tailored services have earned the trust and admiration of Dover Heights body corporates, property owners, and developers, establishing us as a dependable choice among Sydney's strata managers.

We not only deliver the standard reports mandated by the Property, Stock, and Business Agents Act and the Strata Schemes Management Act, but also go the extra mile by providing a comprehensive Building Status Report on a monthly basis. These reports encompass essential information, such as payments made on behalf of the scheme, changes in the strata roll, copies of bank statements, and more.

At Progressive Strata, our core values revolve around honesty, transparency, and providing thorough legal-based advice. These principles permeate every aspect of our service. We take pride in ensuring that our committees stay well-informed about any developments. We hold ourselves accountable through our online portal, which includes access to copies of your invoices, and up-to-date financial records to keep you informed.

Additionally, we strongly encourage all property owners to take advantage of our secure online services. This user-friendly portal allows you to effortlessly access various reports specific to your scheme, using your own unique password. This information is readily available for you to peruse at your convenience, whether it be day or night.


Request A Proposal With The Strata Choice Sydney Locals Choose

It is clear that Progressive Strata is absolutely the best strata manager for your residency. In case you need more convincing, contact us today to arrange a FREE no obligation quote. Complete our Quotation Form to get in touch with professional strata managers Dover Heights and Sydney wide. Furthermore, our reputable strata management services aren’t exclusively limited to properties located in Dover Heights. See the Areas We Service for strata management services Sydney.



1. Is it mandatory to enlist the services of a strata manager, or can my property in Dover Heights operate smoothly without establishing a formal strata management framework?

Whilst houses do not need to meet strata legislation requirements, two lot schemes, such as detached townhouses, may see assuring benefits to having a formal strata management structure. For two lot schemes that get along, we can provide accounts-only services. However, for very small schemes or multi-unit properties, a hands-on strata manager is much more effective, and can be invaluable in minimising issues and disputes.

Strata schemes with significant common areas that include shared facilities, like lifts, gardens, pools, pumps, etc. are best served where there is a management structure via a qualified strata manager. This ensures that these are well looked after for the long term. 


2. How do I choose the most suitable strata company for my Dover Heights or Sydney property?

There are a considerable number of factors to contemplate when determining the best strata managers Sydney and Woolloomooloo locals can trust. 

This includes:

  • Experience & Local Knowledge: Look for a company with a proven track record in managing properties in affluent Woolloomooloo. Their familiarity with local strata regulations and challenges specific to the area is crucial.


  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital in strata management. The company should be responsive, transparent, and proactive in communicating with property owners and residents.


  • Financial Management: Examine their approach to financial matters, including budgeting, levies, and handling of maintenance funds. A good strata company should provide clear and regular financial reports.


  • References & Reviews: Check references and online reviews. Speaking to current clients can provide valuable insights into the company’s performance and reliability.


  • Fees & Contracts: Understand their fee structure, and read the contract carefully. It should be clear, fair, and without hidden costs.


  • Conflict Resolution: Consider their approach to handling disputes and conflicts within the strata community. Effective conflict resolution is essential for maintaining a harmonious living environment.

Remember, the right strata company will not only ensure compliance with legal obligations, but also contribute to the enhancement of property value and the quality of life of its residents.

Here at Progressive Strata, we believe we tick all of these boxes. We would be delighted to meet with you for a discussion. Please feel free to contact our office to arrange a convenient time so we can partner with you successfully. 


3. How do we communicate with Sydney strata property owners and strata committees?

As a leader in the industry, with the licensee having well over 30 years experience, including in NCAT appointed compulsory managements, we always strive to be transparent in our communication. We do this by ensuring our committees always know what we have been doing on their scheme’s behalf. 

We provide a variety of information, which enables our Dover Heights clients to make the best decisions to suit their particular scheme's needs. This includes details of any relevant legislation, and our experience over many years. From this, property owners can make wise decisions that not only solve the short term issue, but have the longer term, cost-effective benefits front of mind also.


4. How often should I meet with my strata manager?

It is important to meet with your strata manager on a regular basis to discuss the building's needs, and to review the strata management plan. A good rule of thumb is to meet at least once a quarter, or more often if necessary. This will be something discussed with our Progressive Strata team depending on your needs.