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Are you looking for an experienced strata management Sydney that residents in Randwick can trust? Progressive Strata is based in Edgecliff, and is a highly experienced team of Sydney strata managers and Sydney strata specialists with decades of industry experience. 

Regardless of the size of the property, our experience in strata management Randwick services will ensure that your building is maintained to the highest standards.

Strata management is a complex and ever-changing field, but it's essential for keeping your building running smoothly and effectively. Our team of experienced strata managers can help you with everything from budgeting and insurance to accounting and dispute resolution.

There are specific strata issues in Randwick, which makes having a strata Sydney company important, particularly one that is knowledgeable about Randwick. 

These include: 

  • Strata subdivision: Randwick City Council has strict rules about strata subdivision, and this can make it difficult for owners to subdivide their properties.


  • Noise from pubs & clubs: Randwick is home to a number of pubs and clubs, and this can lead to noise complaints from residents of nearby strata buildings.


  • Development pressure: Randwick is a popular suburb, and this leads to development pressure. This can have a negative impact on the amenity of strata buildings, especially when new developments are not well-designed or compatible with the existing neighbourhood.

If you are a resident of a strata building in Randwick, it is important to be aware of the common and specific strata issues that can occur. Progressive Strata provides strata Eastern suburb properties will benefit from. 


Progressive Strata Offers Strata Management Services Sydney Locals Trust

Our strata management Sydney services in Randwick specialise in smaller properties. Our professional managers have years of experience, which ensures that all of your needs are met to the highest possible standards. Our bespoke services are highly regarded by Randwick body corporates, property owners, and developers, establishing us as one of the best strata managers Sydney locals can trust. 

At the heart of Progressive Strata are our fundamental principles: honesty, transparency, and delivering comprehensive legal guidance. These principles permeate every facet of our service, underscoring our commitment to keeping our clients well-informed. 

We take pride in ensuring that our committees are consistently updated. As part of our commitment to accountability, we offer access to records through our online portal, providing copies of invoices and real-time financial information. This commitment to transparency makes us a dependable and trustworthy strata Sydney agency.

We are mandated to provide standard reports under both the Property, Stock, and Business Agents Act and the Strata Schemes Management Act. On top of this, we also provide a comprehensive Building Status Report on a monthly basis. These comprehensive reports cover a variety of information, ranging from payments made on behalf of the scheme to updates on the strata roll, accompanied by a transparent presentation of your bank statement and more.

Moreover, we actively encourage property owners to register for our secure online services. This means they can seamlessly access tailored reports for their specific scheme through a dedicated portal, using a personalised password. 


Our Comprehensive List Of Sydney Strata Management Services

Our comprehensive Randwick property strata management in Sydney encompasses an array of services designed to address your every strata and legal necessity, meeting the diverse needs of your committee with utmost diligence. 

  • Home Owners Warranty: To safeguard our Owners Corporations, we implement NSW Fair Trading contracts with tradesmen for all residential building projects, aligning with the Building Code of Australia. Taking a proactive approach, we meticulously verify their licences and procure copies of their insurance policies, including thorough assessments of their public liability coverage.


  • Accounting: Our in-house team is dedicated to delivering all legally mandated accounting services, ensuring the meticulous management of the financial aspects of your scheme.


  • Insurance: We diligently submit claims following the provisions of the Act, adhering to the scheme’s policy, and as instructed by the Executive Committee when necessary.


  • Secretarial: Routine administrative responsibilities include timely email responses, the preparation of meeting agendas and minutes, and the management of affairs related to bylaws.


  • Meetings: Facilitate the creation and distribution of Annual General Meeting notices. Conduct meetings in strict adherence to legal guidelines, recording owners’ decisions meticulously. Comply with legal obligations by preparing and disseminating minutes as mandated by regulations.


  • Emergency Services: Distinguishing ourselves, we offer an exclusive after-hours emergency service to ensure your care even when our office is closed. Count on us to promptly address unforeseen emergency repair issues, and provide assistance when you need it most.


  • Reporting: Each month, a tailored report is directly dispatched to two members of the Executive Committee, outlining the specifics of cash receipts and payments, alongside a copy of the bank statement for that period. Simultaneously, this detailed report is made accessible on the portal, allowing other committee members to review and stay informed.


  • Work Orders: We upload these work orders onto the portal, enabling committee members to track the guidance provided to contractors. The transparency ensures you can verify our adherence to instructions, promptly executing them on the same day, or immediately in case of emergencies as needed.


  • Arrears Recovery Processes: While we gladly accommodate payment plans for individuals facing challenges in meeting levy deadlines, our expertise extends to a robust approach in recovering levy arrears. Notably, our established process has consistently yielded successful outcomes in legal proceedings, boasting a track record free of unsuccessful court cases. For a comprehensive overview of our Arrears Recovery Process, refer to the details outlining the timing of notices issued, and the strategic steps leading to legal action.


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Progressive Strata is a strata choice Sydney and Randwick locals can trust. Contact us today to request a complimentary and obligation-FREE quote. Utilise our Quotation Form to engage with experienced strata managers Randwick way. Moreover, our esteemed strata management services extend beyond Randwick properties. Explore the Areas We Service for strata management services Sydney wide.



1.  What are the benefits of hiring a strata management company?

There are a number of benefits to hiring a strata management Randwick service, including:

Peace of mind: Knowing that the day-to-day operations of your strata building or complex are being handled by experienced professionals can give you peace of mind.
Time savings: Strata management can be a time-consuming task, so hiring a strata management company can free up your time largely.
Expertise: Strata management companies have the expertise and experience to deal with a wide range of strata issues, from maintenance and repairs to finances and disputes.
Compliance: Strata management companies can help you to ensure that your strata building or complex is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


2. What should I look for in a strata manager?

When looking for a strata management Randwick service, focus on their qualifications, experience, and communication skills. Look for a licensed professional service provider with a solid track record in strata management. They should have a deep understanding of local strata laws and regulations, and be skilled in financial management, budgeting, and maintenance coordination. 

Effective communication and conflict resolution abilities are vital, as they must interact with both the strata council and property owners. Additionally, ensure they are organised, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable in the technology and software used in strata management. 

A transparent fee structure, professional liability insurance, and a commitment to continuing education are also important. Finally, consider their compatibility and personality fit with the strata council to ensure a productive working relationship.


3. How can I find a reputable strata management company in Randwick?

There are a number of ways to find a reputable strata management company in Randwick, including:

Ask for recommendations from family, friends, or other building owners.
Search online for strata management companies in Randwick.
Read online reviews.
Contact the Strata Community Association of NSW for a list of accredited strata management companies.

As a reputable company offering strata management Randwick services, Progressive Strata will tick all of these boxes.


4. How often should I meet with my strata manager?

It is important to meet with your strata manager on a regular basis to discuss the building's needs and to review the strata management plan. A good rule of thumb is to meet at least once a quarter, or more often if necessary. This will be something discussed with our Progressive Strata team depending on your needs.


5. What are the average strata fees in Randwick?

Strata fees across Randwick exhibit significant diversity, influenced by various factors, including unit size, available amenities, and the overall status of the building. Moreover, these fees are subject to continuous adjustments. Owners review the financial needs of the scheme, determining quarterly levies for the upcoming year. For strata management Randwick services, reach out for a FREE quotation. We invite you to engage with us for a complimentary review of your scheme’s financial landscape, offering insights into the fiscal management of your Randwick property.


6. Where can I get more information about strata management in Randwick?

There are a number of resources available to strata residents in Randwick. The NSW Fair Trading, The Strata Community Australia, and The Randwick City Council websites can provide you with information pertaining to strata management in Randwick.