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Strata Management In Hurstville

Are you in search of trusted strata management services for a strata building in Hurstville?

Progressive Strata, based in Edgecliff, boasts a professional team of Sydney strata managers who have accrued decades of industry experience. Our expertise enables us to provide exceptional maintenance for your buildings in Hurstville, regardless of their size.

Strata management is a multifaceted and evolving discipline and only with a trusted and very experienced team will your property run smoothly. Our seasoned team can assist you with tasks ranging from budgeting, insurance placement and claims, to accounting and dispute resolution.

Our strata services in the Southern Sydney suburbs will receive bespoke strata solutions that only a truly effective team can provide. We understand that this culturally diverse suburb is renowned for its mix of modern and traditional housing, excellent transport links, and strong sense of community. These insights into the municipality are reflected through our services as we have a firm understanding of the specific maintenance challenges unique to Hurstville and its surrounding suburbs.


At Progressive Strata Services, we hold an unwavering commitment to integrity and it is this value that serves as the foundation reflected in all of our operations and relationships on behalf of our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing relevant updates to our committees to ensure that they are always informed about the status of their strata. Our commitment to holding ourselves accountable has led us to provide archived records via our online portal - this includes copies of your invoices and up-to-date financial records.

We provide standard reports, which we are obligated to provide under both the Property and Stock Agents Act and the Strata Schemes Management Act. On top of this, we also provide a comprehensive Building Status Report on a monthly basis. These reports include information, such as payments made on behalf of the scheme, changes to the strata roll, a copy of your bank statement for that month, and more.

We always ensure that our recommendations and actions are solely in the best interests of our clients schemes. Our actions are always aligned with the highest ethical standards, as reflected in our longstanding policy against undisclosed payments.

Tailored Hurstville Strata Solutions

Progressive Strata stands out as the best strata managers Hurstville owners corporations can trust. Based in Edgecliff, our distinctive service offerings provide a comprehensive solution to the specific needs of both strata and all aspects of community living.

Managing Director, Karina Heinz, has over 35 years of industry experience in strata management, and is supported by an outstanding group of professionals, who are dedicated to making sure your strata scheme receives the highest possible standard of management possible.

It is this experience and expertise which affords Progressive Strata Services the opportunity to effectively oversee various property types.

Our Comprehensive List Of Strata Management Services

We offer Hurstville strata management an extensive selection of services to cover all of your strata and other legal requirements and fully support each committee’s individual needs.

  • Home Owners Warranty: To safeguard our Owners Corporations, we adhere to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia by issuing NSW Fair Trading contracts to tradesmen engaged in residential building work where the sum exceeds $4,999.99. Our commitment extends to verifying their licences and obtaining copies of their insurance, including public liability coverage.

  • Accounting: Our in-house team of professionals provide all legally mandated accounting services to ensure the robust financial management of your scheme.

  • Insurance: We process claims in compliance with the Act, your scheme's policy, and the directives of the Strata Committee.

  • Secretarial: Our team efficiently handles general administrative tasks, including timely email responses, agenda and minutes preparation, and matters related to bylaws.

  • Meetings: We facilitate the Annual General Meetings by preparing and distributing notices, presiding over meetings in accordance with legal requirements, and recording owners' decisions. We also ensure the proper distribution of minutes as mandated by law in a timely manner.

  • Reporting: A monthly report is sent directly to two members of the Strata Committee, outlining cash receipts and payments, along with a copy of the bank statement for that month. A full set of financials is also attached. This report is accessible on the portal for other committee members to review. We do this to ensure full transparency as to the scheme’s financial affairs.

  • Work Orders: We post work orders on the portal, allowing committee members to review instructions issued to contractors. This enables you to verify that we have promptly followed instructions.

  • Arrears Recovery Processes: While we accommodate payment plans for those facing levy payment challenges, we also employ a reliable process for recovering levy arrears, with a track record of successful outcomes in matters that have been referred to court. For detailed information on the timing of notices and when legal action is initiated, refer to our comprehensive Arrears Recovery Process.

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