Progressive Strata Services

Customer Reviews

Building: Signature Apartments (SP.80117), Redfern, NSW 2016
91 Residential and 8 Commercial / Retail Units
Having worked with Karina and her team at Progressive Strata Services for over 5 years, I can recommend both her and her team if you are looking for a strata management company who will work with an owners corporation to help manage your building in a professional and co-operative manner. As Chairperson of the Committee for 5 years it was great to work with a managing agent who was as passionate about our building, as we, the owners.    The advice and guidance given has assisted us in not only maintaining the high standards that our owners have come to expect but go beyond and improve how our building is managed and run.

Robert Goodall
SP80117 - Chairperson (5 years) & Secretary (1 year)

One difficult and obstinate owner (with a significant voting share) created issues with repairs and maintenance, the result being that the building had fallen into disrepair over the passage of time due to meetings not being able to achieve the required results. Progressive Strata Services has brought much more structure to our meetings and through their knowledge and vast experience most of our long-standing challenges are in hand. I appreciate that we are closer than ever to having things run smoothly, which is a relief to all of us. We realise that now the values of our property will be restored.

Kit Devine
Secretary SP10791
4 lot scheme

I owned my own strata title management business from January 2000 until I sold it in June 2011. My first interaction with Karina Heinz and Progressive Strata Services was that of a competitor in the strata industry. It was always a friendly rivalry and over the years I came to greatly respect Karina and her team for their professionalism in dealing with me and their clients. Karina sets very high standards for herself and her knowledge of the strata legislation is of the highest order.  Each person in her organisation has been trained to the same standards of professionalism and knowledge as is required for successfully servicing their clients. I can highly recommend Karina and her team to manage your strata scheme. Give her a call and find out what she can do for you.

Frank Solsky (BComm CPA)
FRS Accounting and Strata Services
JP Licence 189 684
Strata Manager licence no: 1024925

A well-respected eastern suburbs real estate proprietor recommended Karina Heinz as “the most effective and efficient strata manager I know”. He said he actually could not recommend anyone else. Karina and her team have been very efficient and proactive. Any issues we have had in our building have been addressed and, in most cases, resolved. Unresolved issues are now between owners and even in this case, Karina has been instrumental in facilitating a good outcome for all concerned.

Myriame Duetz
Committee Member SP14218
9 lot scheme

Our scheme has been managed by Progressive Strata Services since 2004. In that time, the Committee has found them to be across all the relevant legislation required to ensure our decisions comply with the Strata Legislation. When we have needed the advice of consultants and lawyers, they have been able to work with these parties to achieve the best outcome. It took time, but Progressive Strata Services were consistent in working through the issues with the Committee and achieved a positive outcome. If you wish to be careful with regards to who works on your property, ensuring the relevant laws are followed and completing the job to the satisfaction of the Committee, I would strongly recommend Progressive Strata Services to you.

John Vagelatos
Committee Member SP16453

I was very new to the idea of strata living when we signed with Progressive Strata Services.  Our previous strata managers were the “leaders” in their field but somehow dysfunctional when it came to managing our medium sized block.  On top of that, there was an internal war between unit owners.  Karina’s guidance sorted all that out, helped us to avoid the Tribunal and multiple legal pitfalls.  We’re all good now and happy to recommend Progressive Strata Services as a steady hand to anyone looking for new management.

Lee Hubber
124 Redfern St, Redfern
21 lot mixed use scheme

I had a very challenging few years with my downstairs neighbour, since they became owners in 2014 – I was concerned that if we didn’t appoint a strata manager, the situation would have become untenable. If it wasn’t for Karina’s professionalism and ability to stay calm and objective in what has often been very tense/irrational/abusive conversations, I can’t imagine how I would have coped. Key highlights for me are: i) Giving professional advice ii) Managing the other owner’s expectations, pointing out the facts to them in an objective manner and remaining unbiased in their dealings iii) Being undeterred by the series of abusive notes and staying professional the entire time iv) Helping us to create professional records so in the future, should I wish to sell, everything is in order I would have no hesitation to recommend Progressive Strata Services.

Linda Robson
Committee Member SP40618
2 lot scheme

We have been very happy with the advice, freedom and attention we have been receiving from Progressive Strata Services. They provide us with legal options and when we instruct them on how we wish to proceed, this is acted on promptly and to our satisfaction. We find them to be responsive to our enquiries overall, regardless of whether it is a phone call or email. Most importantly the members of the Committee feel that, on behalf of the owners, we are in control. As Chairman of the Committee of SP70321, it is refreshing to work with an agent willing to work with us to achieve the goals the owners have for our scheme.

Graeme Armstrong
Chairman SP70321
9 lot commercial scheme

Karina really knows her stuff.  She is up to the mark on legal requirements of strata management and other governing bodies.  Her advice will always caution against actions that may breach regulations and recommends a direction that will not threaten the future of the Corporation.

Yvonne Troy
Secretary SP468
24 lot scheme

Our building was completed in 1999 and we changed strata managers after the first 12 months as we were unhappy with the performance of the previous firm. I find Karina straight forward and easy to communicate with ensuring problems are attended to quickly and efficiently. Levy notices are sent out prior to the due date and the system for overdue levies is carried out in a businesslike manner. Karina has contacts with specialists in engineering and the building trade which was instrumental in obtaining the services of a competent Engineer to prepare a very thorough report on all our building defects etc

George Petherbridge
Chairman SP60648
31 lot scheme