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Why your energy bills don’t have to increase

Why is it we are only ever given one side of a story by the media?  For weeks now we have heard that the cost of gas, electricity and water are going up, but no one has said how easy it is to minimise the impact on your pocket!

We all know that by replacing the old incandescent globes with the new LED type (or compact fluoro) you can save 75% of your lighting bill not to mention they last 8 times longer.  And whilst this is good for individuals and buildings (strata scheme common areas) to do, there are a number of other things which can be done to reduce costs to you individually and as a scheme.

If you start now, by the time the price hikes come the impact should mean a very small increase to you,  twice over in fact,  between your personal bills and the schemes (and therefore your levies).

We have put together a list of suggestions that can help you reduce your energy bills. These ideas, have been broken into categories: those with no cost, those with little cost, those to do now and those to do when the replacement arises.  Why not start now?

* These are items that a scheme could implement throughout the building (have the common area lights been changed to LED yet?)  Ask your manager to get an electrician to check on this when they are next on site.

The committee should resolve at a meeting to get Waterfix out to each unit – where possible – for the benefits outlined above.  And what about changing all the toilets to dual flush and claim the rebate – like all things this will not last for-ever.  Now you can do something to reduce your levies rather than see them increase.  You are in control.